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Change Leaders Symposium is an initiative of the International Society of Change Leaders (ISCL) in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in achieving Agenda 2030.

Our goal is to provide the conditions for reflective discussion among change leaders that can catalyze concerted action on the issues and challenges of our turbulent times, thus contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal agenda.  Our aim is to do so by encouraging change leaders to reflect upon their change challenges.

This is why we have chosen the medium of a ‘symposium’ as the platform to achieve our objectives.  Through this medium we can provide a psychologically safe environment for open, honest and heart-felt opinions and views to be expressed freely, uninhibited by the structural norms of other forms.

~The Symposium

The symposium – or Greek συμπόσιον symposion from συμπίνειν sympinein ‘to drink together’ – dates back to ancient Greece with Plato’s Symposium being the most noteworthy. The symposium was a key Hellenic social institution, a forum for men (of those times) of respected families to debate and converse (or to strategize) about issues, happenings and events of the times. The symposium was a relaxed gathering with good food and drink to encourage expression of thought, ideas, and uninhibited views of the world.

Today, the Change Leaders Symposium is a collective of the world’s finest minds coming together to resolve key change challenges in creating sustainable futures.

International Society of Change Leaders

The International Society of Change Leaders

Our networking and membership platform is a meeting place for the world’s most dedicated change leaders.

Our mission is to provide change leaders with a conducive environment for productive thought, discussion and reflection on the change challenges that face our world today.